Chinese voiceover

Chinese voiceover – The voiceover actors in Asian countries are regarded as well-trained professionals. In a key market like China, the top 5 universities offer 3 – 4 years bachelor’s degrees for dubbing and voiceover study. This is a reflection of the increasing demand. The digital marketing & communication and online business & education are developing fast in China.

Chinese voiceover

We offer you the following advantages:

  • Choice of professional male and female voices
  • Native speakers with extensive western experience
  • Competitive pricing due to experience and professionalism

The importance of a professional Chinese voiceover

Unfortunately, many feedback shows that the Chinese or Asian voiceovers often lack of convincing power. This is caused by a lack of attention or understanding to having the right voiceovers. And, the voiceover texts are often difficult to follow. To meet the expectations in the key Asian market, it is recommended to use a professional voiceover. It would be a shame when the end result is counterproductive to your creditability.

Maximum connection to your Chinese and Asian audience

We ensure your Chinese or Asian voiceovers have the same quality as your original. Therefore, their voices have the power to appeal to your Chinese or Asian-speaking target groups. We take care of the cultural aspects, such as choice of words and tone settings in the voiceover texts. In addition, we provide a good match of male or female voiceover professionals. This way, we help you achieve maximum connection to your audience.

Save time and money

Our professional and experienced voiceovers know what they are doing. They are well prepared in order to complete the recording within your budget. Upon your request, we can record in-house and deliver the total package. We are able to provide almost all required formats.


  • Promotional video
  • Demonstration video
  • Technical training

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  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Cantonese Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
Chinese voiceover
Chinese voiceover
Chinese voiceover


  • Radio spots
  • Apps
  • Audio tours
  • TV-commercials
  • Corporate films and videos
  • Website audio
  • Corporate or technical training

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Chinese voiceover
Chinese voiceover
Chinese voiceover
Chinese Voiceover
Chinese voiceover