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Ming Translation is a multimedia translation service company run by Annie Zheng Yi. She is a Chinese native who lives in the Netherlands for 25 years. She has extensive business and translations experience in cross-cultural settings using digital technology.

Annie Zheng Yi has a strong drive to help her clients. Ming Translations help tell stories by using the latest multimedia technology and in styles. Her corporate business background helps her communicate with (international) clients efficiently. She is a Zen practitioner, food lover & traveller. Annie is trying to make her world more inclusive and peaceful through her service.

History and development

The work of Ming Translations has significantly transformed over the last 15 years. It started with simple translation for commercial texts (marketing & PR materials, websites, etc.). Then, the translation requests became more complex, which are from a variety of demanding fields. Our typical clients are from high tech, the pharmaceuticals, life sciences and financial industries. They are international clients in the Netherlands and beyond.

Since 2015, Ming Translations established a good reputation in the multimedia translation fields. The professionality in translation and project management are well received by small and medium enterprises, institutions and media producers. Our services include translations, subtitles, voiceovers, online interpretations and localization.

Digital communication through multimedia has become a widely spread consumer practice in Asia. It is especially popular in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, India. Multimedia communication has become a common means to reach consumers and keep B2B relations alive. For example, Ming Translations have helped government organizations, businesses and consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic. This way, we contribute to keeping society moving.

Our transboundary expertise enables us to facilitate clients to deploy audio-visual materials, online meetings. So that they can continue to communicate with their target markets, stakeholders or employees. Thanks to our clients, Ming Translations can build growth with our clients across the world.

For more references, please check our Dutch website.

multimedia translation
multimedia translation
multimedia translation