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Chinese multimedia – High quality presentation and the right choice of Chinese multimedia channels are the keys to your successful communications on the Chinese market. Our advice covers all multimedia channels on the market with a focus on your objective and budget. We consider the expectation from your target sectors. Our advice on Chinese media not only translates your message but also stimulates your audiences. Through a tailor-made process, you get solutions for the Chinese market and gain insights into Chinese specifics. This is what you will get when you collaborate with us. It is the best way to maximize the impact.

Chinese Multimedia

We offer you the following advantages:

  • Professional knowledge of the target market and sector
  • Tailormade to your objective and budget
  • We manage the process for you
  • We care about the end result

The art of choosing the best Chinese multimedia solution

To make the best choice is essential to ensure effectiveness, budget, and process management. All these, require understanding about the interpretation and expectation about your brands, services, and products for the Chinese market. The solution should be easy to manage, transparent, measurable. For example, we help our clients select the best-fit offer for the Chinese market. In addition, we offer guided brainstorming sessions to create an action list and execution plan. We can help you manage the execution process. Please check other multimedia services we provide on this website.


We have experience in providing multimedia advices to our European clients engaging Chinese users and developing business in all fields.
For more references, please check our Dutch website.


  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese


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  • Films and video’s
  • Instruction video’s
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Chinese multimedia
Chinese multimedia
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