Transcription services to or from Chinese

Transcription services – We offer transcription services from Chinese and other Asian languages to European languages, and vice versa. We quickly turn your video or audio file into an accurate manual transcription. Our quality helps you accelerate progress.

Transcription services Chinese

We offer you the following advantages:

  • Accurate
  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent pricing


We specialize in manual transcription services to or from Chinese and other Asian languages. We guarantee an accurate end result. Our professional transcribers are native linguists supported by advanced technology. They are neutral, discrete and respect the ethical norms. We offer sworn transcription services in English, Dutch or Chinese. We have rich and practical knowledge of the systems and customs of the environment you are operating in. Our transcription services record the key moments of your business development. It also helps you generate a better understanding of your counterparties. With our transcription services, you can improve communication, gain a better understanding of the situation and accelerate the (legal) progress.

Throughout the total process, we comply with security and safety measures. Thanks to our clients’ trust, we have completed Chinese transcription in over one million words.

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  • Chinese to and from English
  • Chinese to and from Dutch
  • Korean to and from English
  • Japanese to and from English


  • Any audio file
  • Any video file
  • BOD meetings
  • Court hearings
  • Online meetings

We work(ed) for:

Transcription services Chinese

Transcription services Chinese
Court hearings

Transcription services Chinese
Patent & Trademarks