Chinese Captioning Services

Captioning – High quality Chinese language captioning requires a rare combination of cutting-edge technology and Chinese language and cultural expertise. This is what you will get when you work with us. It’s the best way to maximize the impact.

Chinese Captioning

We offer you the following advantages:

  • Top quality captioning
  • Fast delivery due to experience
  • Competitive pricing since we know what we are doing
  • Excellent service because we care about the end result

The art of original language (Chinese) captioning

Top quality captioning is crucial for effective and authentic communication. We can deliver this because of our in-depth knowledge of Chinese language, expectations, culture and customs. Furthermore, our translators have both (living and working) experience in Europe as well as in China. This is exactly what you need to create the impact you want.


We have experience in translating in all fields.
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  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean


  • Social media video’s
  • Films and video’s
  • Instruction video’s
  • and more
Chinese Captioning
Chinese captioning
Chinese Captioning


What is the difference between open en closed captioning?
First of all, captions are generally in the same language as the audio. Closed captioning need to be switched on by the viewer and may also include additional audio information (speaker identification and sound effects). Open captioning can’t be switched off by the viewer. This can be very handy for social media videos, because the audio is often turned off.

We work(ed) for:

Chinese Captioning
Chinese captioning
Chinese Captioning